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We started our family owned company in 2005, we are a general contractor under our sister brand of Renovate Today LLC. We noticed a need for better workman ship and satisfaction, this drove us to begin this business. When owner Alex Bratic first started out, he would go to other peoples houses and fix whatever they needed. Alex has a great advantage in the industry being trilingual, language barriers are never an issue for him. He realized contracting was a passion he loved to do and wanted to be the greatest at it. In todays world, it’s hard to find good contractors, this is another factor that drove them to be the best. Although the cabinetry is offered as Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) which is sure to save you thousands of dollars on material and shipping costs. We also offer the cabinetry as fully assembled and delivered to your door steps with ease. We provide 3D design renderings for your space, along with samples you can purchase to physically feel the cabinetry and quality.

Located In the Tampa Bay, FL area we takes pride in providing our customers the best high quality products for any space. The typical particle board cabinets at your local home improvement store have no chance when compared to our plywood cabinet. Our products are guaranteed to last you years without losing it’s beauty. We have sold and installed 100’s of kitchens with the products we are now offering to the general public. It is our goal to simplify the cabinet buying process for anyone that is in the market for new cabinetry, regardless of your location with our nationwide shipping capabilities. Additionally, since we are located In the Tampa Bay, FL region we offer professional installation services if your in our range, please contact us for more information. We love hearing from you! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

- Alex Bratic

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